PhD integrated for international student
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Hello all,

Kindly forgive my use of English language. I am currently studying aquaculture at Pukyong National University and in search of a PhD -probably an integrated PhD since I have not selected any specialization yet. Should in case anyone have an offer or could offer some sort of recommendation, kindly let me know.

Thank you everyone!! 


Non-specialized PhD?

First of all - no offense - I strongly recommend deliberately studying and being familiar with the Korean language if you are going to pursue further studies in universities in Korea. If you aren't you may encounter various problems in communication with people.

Also I doubt if there is any PhD that does not have a specialization. Grad school is basically about what specific area you focus on and take on to do research. It's about the creation of new knowledge and that cannot be done unless you specialize in one narrow field.

If you have finished undergrad and master's and still don't know what to do one of the possibilities is just not to do a PhD. If you want to get some proper advice from professors around you, you at least have to have your preference and area of interest.

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