Need the teachers in English camp
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Proposal for Jesus English Camp

                                                30th, July .                                
We would like to be with you for the expansion of the kingdom of God.

1. Period : From 17th to 29th August

2. Place   : Team Training center
          23 Bulgwang-ro 18th Street
          Eunpyeong-gu , Seoul

3.Necessary to call students for one hour
    a day from 10th to 15th August.

4. Workday is from 7am 6pm
     from August 17th to 27th.

5. Last day of
     camp August 28 to 29 with students
     in Gapyeong.
     Place : Oikos.
     270 Gojae -gil , Cheong pyeong-myeon,
     Gapyeong - gun, Gyeonggi- do

6. Workers must attend a meeting from
     1 pm to 5 pm on Saturday August 8th.
     ( Refreshments and coffee are served)

    Place : 45 Shinheung-ro, Bucheon-si
                 Dream Small Library

7. Payment
    If you accept these proposals
    we will pay you 1.000. 000 won .

8. Resume
Send resume
Email address:
Call us: 010-6290-5762

9. Interview
After checking resumes
메뉴는 로그인이 필요한 회원전용 메뉴입니다.